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The Surge 2 co-op | Can I play split-screen or online multiplayer?

It’s often said that everything is better with friends and even that those friends who slay together, stay together. With sentiments like that in mind, developer Deck13 and publisher Focus Home Interactive are sure to have implemented cooperative play — be it online, local, or a combination of both — into their challenging new Souls-like RPG, right? Find out everything you need to know about The Surge 2 co-op multiplayer and if there’s split-screen below.

The Surge 2 co-op | Is there split-screen or online multiplayer?

The Surge 2 co-op

While a couple of new interactive online elements have been added to this sci-fi sequel, unfortunately, players are not able to invite other people to experience the title alongside them. Exploring the game’s quasi-open-world setting of Jericho City isn’t an entirely solitary experience, however, due to a couple of asynchronous multiplayer elements that are shared between different players. There is no local or online co-op multiplayer in The Surge 2.

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After acquiring an add-on for the drone, players will be able to leave holographic images depicting their created character in obscure places. The idea is to prevent other players from discovering it tucked away in their versions of the game, and the fewer people that find your “banner” in a 1-hour period the bigger the in-game reward you’ll receive. The closest comparison is perhaps Nintendo’s Balloon World update for Switch title Super Mario Odyssey, whereby players are tasked with positioning floating balloons in hard-to-reach places.

The other asynchronous online element seemingly comes straight from camp Dark Souls, with players able to leave “tags” in the form of a sting of illustrative symbols. These are very similar to the messages found in the Souls series, inclusive even of the way that people are free to choose whether to help or hinder their fellow The Surge 2 players. For example, one nefarious tag might hint that loot awaits at the bottom of a deadly drop, while another more helpful one may reveal a hidden enemy lying in ambush.

And there you have it; The Surge 2 co-op multiplayer exists to a degree, with players being capable of indirect cooperation through the use of tags, but you certainly won’t be jumping into another player’s world and fighting beside them anytime soon.