Apple Arcade Mac | Can you play on a Mac?

Apple Arcade is the latest subscription service to hit the gaming industry and offers subscribers tons of mobile games for a low monthly price. As it is created by Apple, it is only available on iOS devices, although Google is creating its own rival version. While it is geared at mobile devices, a lot of people are wondering about the Apple Arcade Mac games and if you can transfer the service to your desktop. So, can you play Apple Arcade on a Mac?

Apple Arcade Mac | Can you play on a Mac?

Apple Arcade Mac

If you’re familiar with Apple, you’re likely aware that it aims to bring its customers into its family of devices. Apple strives to link all devices together like how the company makes it easy to display your iPhone on your Apple TV while airdropping photos from your iPad to your Mac, for example. With Apple Arcade being available on iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs, you’d think that Apple Arcade would also be available on Macs, right?

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Well, it isn’t. At least not yet, anyway. Apple has announced that it does have plans to make Apple Arcade Mac compatible, but it isn’t ready yet. Thankfully, it won’t be too long until Apple Arcade can be played on Macs, and is set to release this fall. Apple will be releasing its new macOS Catalina operating system later this year, and once it comes out, it will allow subscribers to play Apple Arcade on their Mac.

In the meantime, Apple Arcade can be played on any iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 13. If you’re behind on a few updates, you’ll need to head into your settings and update your OS. To do this, simply go to Settings, General, Software Update, and then click on Download and Install.

Once you’re up to date, you’ll find that Apple Arcade is available on your device. Apple is offering players a short free trial of the service, which you can sign up for on your mobile device or the Apple website.