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Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 Bullseye Cheat Sheet

It’s time to take on the Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 Bullseye challenges. This week’s cheat sheet gives you the rundown on the normal and prestige missions for this week. Each section will give you tips on how to complete them if you get stuck and what rewards you’ll earn. Let’s waste no more time, then, and dive into this Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 Bullseye guide. Remember, you have a week to finish them all, so get cracking.

Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 Bullseye | Normal missions

Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 Bullseye

Let’s start off with the Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 Bullseye normal missions. Just like every week, there are seven for you to complete. Most of them are straightforward, but if you do need a hand, revert back to this handy guide for some hints.

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Land on different Bullseyes

The first challenge is simple if you know where the bullseyes are located. There are three to land at and, thankfully for you, we know where they are:

  • The desert mountain northeast of Lucky Landing. It’s the one next to the road in the southwest of the desert biome.
  • Southeast of Frosty Flights. Look for the massive icy mountain with the submarine frozen in it and you’ll be right over this one.
  • Due north of Greasy Grove. It’s on the road leading to the north of here.

Grab 10 Battle Stars once you’ve landed at them. This can be a cumulative challenge too, so don’t worry about doing them all in the same match.

Hit Weak Points while harvesting

The easiest challenge of the week. All you need to do is hit 50 weak points while you’re harvesting items such as trees, vehicles, and buildings.

The weak points will pop up after you start hitting something so, rather than randomly hitting it, look for the weak circle points that show up and hit these instead. Grab 10 Battle Stars upon completion.

Get an elimination with a sniper rifle

Another easy one. Get one kill with a sniper rifle to earn yourself 10 Battle Stars. To make things easier, you can whittle someone’s health down to their final sliver and then finish them off with a sniper rifle. There’s nothing that states you have to use a sniper rifle only, so cheat your way to victory with this tip.

Hit easy firing range target

For this one, you’ll need to hit an easy firing range target. These can be tricky to find, but there are three locations you can find them:

  • North of Snobby Shores. Follow the road north out of here, and head across the western most field through the trees.
  • South of Polar Peak. From Polar Peak, jump down two levels of the mountain. Head to your left from here and you can’t miss it.
  • North of Lucky Landing. Head north from here into the area with trees. This firing range is right under one of the trees on a hilly bit.

You’re looking for a pad that you can press, which is next to a yellow umbrella and firing range notice board. Stand on the pad, wait for the targets to appear, and shoot the closest one. Get 5,000 XP for completing this.

Complete the skydiving course over Fatal Fields after jumping from the Battle Bus

This mission does what it says on the tin. You’ll need to complete this skydiving course by going through all four pink rings. It’s a simple course to complete but, if you do mess up, just try again in the next match. You’ll earn 10 Battle Stars for this.

Hit headshots

Another simple one if you’re a deft hand at headshots. Get 10 headshots for this challenge and pick up 10 more Battle Stars. Be aware that enemies will duck and weave so you can’t line your shots up. Stay patient and, if they’re trying to hit you with a headshot, you’ll have a better chance at landing one—as long as they don’t hit you first, that is.

Destroy Loot Carriers from 50m away

The last normal challenge wants you to destroy two Loot Carriers from 50m. First, land at a named location that’s yellow. These places will be where Loot Carriers spawn, so make sure you head for one of these.

Ensure you can find a long-ranged scoped weapon to give yourself a better chance. Run from the Loot Carriers to a decent distance and then fire at them. You’ll know if you’re far away enough if a message pops up saying you’ve completed it. If you aren’t, simply walk further back and try again. If this is the seventh challenge you’ve completed, you’ll unlock the Vanquisher Pickaxe.

Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 Bullseye | Prestige challenges

Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 Bullseye

Next up are the Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 Bullseye prestige challenges. These are more difficult than the above. You might find yourself needing more help with these, so use our guide to give you a hand.

Hit 5 consecutive Weak Points while harvesting

Much like the normal challenge but without the chance to mess up. You have to get five consecutive hits to finish this task, so don’t swing your pickaxe like a mad man. Line up the shot and then whack it once. Wait for the next weak point to appear, readjust position, and repeat. Do this five times to get 1,000 XP.

Destroy Loot Carriers from 100m away

Exactly the same process as the normal mission, but you’ll have to be twice the distance away to tick this challenge off. Again, a long-ranged scoped weapon will be vital to achieving this. Try and get a weapon with a good scope on it to better your chances. Once you unlock this one, you’ll get 1,000 XP.

Hit headshots in a single match

Things start to get tricky here. You’ll need to accumulate three headshots in the same match. This can be difficult as opponents with constantly be on the move so you can’t line up perfect shots on them.

Your best bet is to get a weapon with a good scope on it so you can hone in on them. Remain patient, and don’t pull the trigger unless you’re certain that you’ll get a headshot. Do this three times in the same game to get this week’s spray.

Hit hard firing range target

This is identical to the normal mission, but you’ll have to hit targets at the firing ranges that are much further away. Do so to get 1,000 XP.

Complete the skydiving course over Dusty Depot after jumping from the Battle Bus

Exactly the same premise as the normal challenge, only this one takes place at Dusty Depot. This time, you have to go through four blue rings to complete it. Grab 1,000 XP once you do.

Hit headshots with a scoped weapon

This challenge wants you to get three headshots with a scoped weapon. Like the headshots challenge above, be patient with this task. It isn’t one you need to get all the same game, so you can spread this out over a few matches if need be. Grab 1,000 XP if you complete it.

Land a Bottle Flip on a target near a giant fish, llama, or pig

The final challenge might have you puzzled, but it’s not as hard as you think. First, let’s look at each location:

  • Giant llama – Northwest of Junk Junction
  • Giant fish – Southwest of Mega Mall
  • Giant pig – East of Lucky Landing

Near these, you should see a green glowing circle on the ground. This is where you need to complete a bottle flip. You’ll need the “fancy flip” emote to flip a bottle, which you unlock at Tier 37 on the Season 10 Battle Pass. It has to land the right way up too, so simply putting a bottle in there won’t unlock this challenge’s reward.

Do this at any of the three locations to finish the prestige list. Complete all 14 challenges to earn the Legendary Ultima Knight skin.