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Pokemon Go spawn points seeing major reduction

Some players are reporting that Pokemon Go spawn points are vanishing, but that’s not the whole truth. A recent update effectively removed some of the spawn points, leaving many players astonished, but this isn’t something new to Pokemon Go players. There was no official warning whatsoever from Niantic or The Pokemon Company about the upcoming changes, taking players by surprise.

Pokemon Go spawn points | What has changed?

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These changes to Pokemon Go spawn points are known for affecting the user experience, as they significantly change the routes that players must take in order to find them.

It looks like the spawn points suffered a global reshuffle on September 25. Many trainers are reporting this issue, with some of them claiming substantial reductions to the number of nearest spawn points. There are claims of a 50% reduction, with other players mentioning losing over 30 of their usual 50 spawn points.

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Pokemon Go Hub has learned a few details about the changes, reporting that the spawns have changed globally. There are several reports that spawn points were added to regions with higher in-game and cellular activity. However, spawns were removed from areas where there were reports of larger Pokemon counts than actual players.

These spawn point changes were positive for some players, while others weren’t as lucky. It looks like players living in rural areas got the best of it, while those in urban areas saw their spawn points decrease significantly, as one trainer says: “The local park lost around 110 of its 120 spawn points.”

Judging by the first reports, Niantic was trying to increase spawn points for trainers in rural areas, but by decreasing the number of spawns that urban players were used to, they are likely to see some negative feedback from a part of the Pokemon Go community.