Twitter Over Capacity Fix | “Something Went Wrong” error

A Twitter “Over Capacity” error is rearing its ugly head, causing users to experience a number of issues including: missing images from tweets, tweets not sending, and drafts disappearing. TweetDeck is also having issues. This has led to the question of “Is Twitter down?” Twitter has acknowledged the issues on its Support page in a tweet embedded below. Users may also miss notifications, and direct messages can also be affected.

How to fix Twitter “Over Capacity” error

Twitter Over Capacity

When the problem is on Twitter’s end, there is little that users can do to fix the issue themselves. If you’re suffering from the Twitter “over capacity” error, all you can really do is wait for it to be resolved.

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The following tweet explains what users might experience during this unplanned outage, which includes tweet failures, getting notifications, and viewing DMs:

Twitter hasn’t provided an ETA on when the problems will be fixed, only saying that the service “should be back to normal soon.”

It’s unclear how this will impact scheduled tweets, but we’d recommend monitoring your social accounts during the time that any important messages will be going live. It’s inconvenient, but may be necessary, especially if your posts include images or video.

As mentioned in this article’s introduction, TweetDeck is also being affected. I’ve personally had images disappear from scheduled tweets and my feed has videos missing. Using TweetDeck is clearly not the solution here!

In the past, Twitter downtime hasn’t lasted too long. The previous “major outage” occurred in July, with the service going down for over an hour. As one of the most visited websites in the world, and used by a huge number of businesses, downtime can have a drastically negative impact. Here’s hoping the social media site is back up and running properly soon.