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Destiny 2 | Wandering Bone Collector location guide

You’ll need to know where to find the Destiny 2 Wandering Bone Collector if you want to get Deathbringer. This exotic rocket launcher is a new weapon that you can earn by completing its specific quest in Shadowkeep. Part of this mission requires you to find and kill this character, but some of you aren’t sure where their location is. To get a definitive location for the Destiny 2 Wandering Bone Collector, let our guide be your, well, guide. Stop hopelessly wandering around, Guardian, and get this rocket launcher as soon as possible.

Destiny 2 Wandering Bone Collector | Deathbringer quest

Destiny 2 Wandering Bone Collector location

As we mentioned, the Destiny 2 Wandering Bone Collector is key to getting your hands on Deathbringer. You’ll have to jump through a few hoops before you can add it to your weapon collection. One of these hoops happens to be finding the Wandering Bone Collector and killing them.

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There’s only one place on the moon that you can find the Bone Collector. To find exactly what position to locate them in, read on.

Where to find Destiny 2 Wandering Bone Collector

Destiny 2 where is Wandering Bone Collector

To find the Bone Collector, you’ll need to travel to the Sanctuary landing zone. From here, speed on over to the Anchor of Light area of the moon. This is where you can locate the enemy you need to dispose of.

It might take a few minutes for the Bone Collector to load into this area, so don’t worry if you can’t spot them straight away. Keep scanning every enemy you see, especially if you have a scoped weapon, so you can definitely spot them when they turn up.

They should be walking around the small Fallen base, so keep an eye out there. Once you spot this Acolyte, take them out. Make sure you get at least one hit on them. If they’re killed by someone else before you do, you’ll have to wait for another one to spawn in.

Once they’re dead, you’ll unlock the “Thy Honored Conduction” quest step and be one step closer to getting Deathbringer.