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Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2019 | Start time, shiny Yamask, bonuses

It’s almost time to get spooky with the Pokemon Go Halloween event 2019 edition. As this Gastly time of year draws ever closer, you’ll want to learn about this event’s start time and end date. Not only that, but whispers on the grapevine have suggested that a shiny Yamask could be available to catch. There are bound to be special bonuses throughout this event too. To find out all about the 2019 Pokemon Go Halloween event, check out our guide, and watch out for any Ghost-type Pokemon looking to scare you.

Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2019 | Start time and end date

At the time of writing, there’s no official confirmation from Niantic about when this event will start or end. That won’t stop us from speculating, however, so let’s see when it’s likely to kick off.

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Halloween takes place on a Thursday this year, so it stands to reason that we’ll get this year’s Halloween event a few days earlier. We suspect it’ll be patched in around October 25 so you have the weekends before and after Halloween to make the most of it.

If that’s true, the event should end around November 3, which is a Sunday. Once we get word from Niantic on date and time, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2019 | Yamask encounter

Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2019

Again, this isn’t confirmed, but it’s highly likely that Yamask will feature in some form or another for this event. With Gen 5 Pokemon recently working their way into Niantic’s game, it’s possible that Yamask could be the next Pokemon to be included in their ARG.

This is backed up by a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account too. Posted on September 13, which has since been deleted but shared on The Silph Road Reddit page, the image clearly shows Yamask’s silhouette. If this is a tease from Niantic, we could very well see Yamask, shiny varieties of it, and its evolution called Cofagrigus patched into the game for Halloween.

Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2019 | Field research tasks

Pokemon Go Halloween Event 2019

As with any special event, we’ll likely be given field research tasks that’ll help you track down new Ghost-type Pokemon like Yamask. You should also be able to get double Candy and Stardust for any Ghost Pokemon you catch too. Again, we’ll confirm all of this once Niantic announces the event.