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Mario Kart Tour Tokyo | Release date and new characters

The Mario Kart Tour Tokyo circuit is due to be patched into DeNA’s mobile game imminently. You’ll want to practice your Tokyo drifting before its release date, which we detail in this handy guide for you. Not only that, but we bet you’ll be interested in what new characters you can unlock by playing the next stop on the tour. If you are, you’ll have to check out our Mario Kart Tour Tokyo article. It’s packed full of information for you, so head to the finishing line quickly to get your read on.

Mario Kart Tour Tokyo | Start time

Mario Kart Tour Tokyo

Starting in pole position in our Mario Kart Tour Tokyo guide is its release date.  Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait until this next update comes into effect. As detailed on the game’s official Twitter account, the Tokyo circuit will be playable from 11 PM PT on Tuesday, October 8.

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For those of you in other parts of the U.S. or the world, that means you can play starting at 2 AM ET, 7 AM BST, and 4 PM AEST. Better set your clocks so that you can settle into some more racing, even if it’s at the expense of sleep.

Mario Kart Tour Tokyo | New playable characters

Mario Kart Tour Tokyo

Just like the first tour circuit introduced Music Mario and Pauline to proceedings, the Tokyo tour will include new characters for you to add to your roster. Unfortunately, DeNA and Nintendo are playing their cards close to their chest, so we don’t know who will be available to unlock.

The likes of Luigi and Koopa Paratroopa have been notably absent from the list so far, so we could see either or both patched into the game. We could also see current characters given a makeover, such as an Athlete Mario. This would tie in nicely to the upcoming Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 game, which is due to be released in November.