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Does Destiny 2 Shadowkeep come with Forsaken?

Bungie has breathed new life into Destiny 2 with the release of its Shadowkeep expansion, as well as making the first two expansions free-to-play. That said, the game also has a third expansion before Shadowkeep called Forsaken. As such, players  looking to get Shadowkeep may be wondering if it comes with Forsaken as well.

Does Destiny 2 Shadowkeep come with Forsaken?

Let’s cut straight to the point: Players hoping to get the Forsaken expansion alongside their purchase of Shadowkeep are out of luck. Purchasing the latter does not give access to the former. New players upgrading from the New Light free-to-play edition, or returning ones who skipped out on Forsaken, need to purchase it separately.

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Back when Shadowkeep‘s preorder bonuses were first announced, Bungie did mention that it would include two expansions. However, these were the first two expansions, Curse of Osiris and Warmind. Both expansions have since become free-to-play. As such, only the Two-Tailed Fox exotic rocket launcher and the exclusive hive-themed ornament remained as preorder bonuses — no free expansions here (let alone Forsaken).

 Does Destiny 2 Shadowkeep come with Forsaken?

Luckily, for those who want to buy Forsaken, the expansion’s price has gone down since it first released. Back when it was launched, Destiny 2‘s third expansion costed $40. Now, Forsaken can be purchased for only $25. More importantly, Bungie has made the expansion’s annual pass free for anyone who’s purchased it. This included three new episodic content releases: Black Armory, Joker’s Wild, and Penumbra. At launch, the Annual Pass was a separate $35 purchase.

With all this in mind, yes, it is a bit disappointing that Forsaken doesn’t come for free with Shadowkeep. With it being barely a year old, the studio probably thinks it’s too early to make it a free release. That said, Bungie has made an effort into making the expansion easier to purchase for Destiny 2 players, by both lowering its price and making its Annual Pass free.