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How to get Lightning Three Times in Mario Kart Tour

You might be wondering how to get lightning three times in Mario Kart Tour. One of the weekly challenges wants you to get this item and use it, but not everyone is clear on how you get it. Usually, you get lightning from item boxes that are scattered across each circuit, but it can be unclear how to actually get it. If you want to learn more about this, our Mario Kart Tour lightning guide will give you some tips. We’ll detail what you have to do exactly to get lightning in Mario Kart Tour and then use it to complete this challenge.

Mario Kart Tour Lightning | How do I get it?

Mario Kart Tour Lightning

As we mentioned, you’ll get the Mario Kart Tour lightning item from one of the boxes lying around. However, you’re much more likely to get it if you’re further back in the field. If you’re in the first place, you won’t get it at all. If you’re in last or second-to-last, however, your chances will increase exponentially.

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This is because lightning is an item that will help you climb the positions quickly by making every other racer smaller and slower. If you’re finding that you’re easily winning races, you’ll want to sabotage your own chances by taking up one of the last two places as you make your way around. To do this, you can try a few of the below tips to make sure you’re seventh or eighth on the track:

Mario Kart Tour Lightning

  • Crash into walls. Instead of easily drifting around corners, simply run into walls at the side of the track. This will bring you to a halt and let others pass you.
  • Fall off the track. If there are no walls, drive off the track. You’ll fall off and then be picked up by Lakitu to be put back on the circuit. Again, others will overtake you and put you in the last place.
  • Drive backward. Once a race starts, drive backward until you’re bypassed. Once you’re in last, start driving forward.
  • Do any of these and then grab your first item box. Hopefully, you’ll get lightning straight away.
  • Use lightning. If you progress up the rankings, simply stop and wait until you’re last again.
  • Do this until you’ve received lightning and used it three times to complete the challenge.