Box art - Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 Xbox360 Cheats


Campaign Complete 50 

Finished the Game on Any Difficulty  

Extreme Conditions 50 

Finished the Game on Hard Difficulty  

Armed and Dangerous 5 

First Weapon Upgrade Purchased  

Master Planter 30 

Planted every Post  

Home Improvement 5 

Purchased First Rig Upgrade  

Big Spender 30 

Bought every Weapon and Rig Upgrade  

Geneticist 30 

Fully Unlocked Bestiary  

Lost Log 5 

Found a Log  (1) 

Heavy Reader 25 

Found 50% of Logs  

Master Cataloger 50 

Found all Logs  

Killer Instinct 30 

Finished Kovac's Quests  

History Lesson 5 

Found a Memento  

Gone, But Not Forgotten 30 

Found all Mementos  

First Tag 5 

Tagged an Albino Tarkaa  

Master Huntsman 50 

Purchased all Ethologist Upgrades  

A Winner Is You! 5 

Won a Multiplayer Match  

Winning Habit 30 

Won 25 Multiplayer Matches  

You're the best…AROUND! 20 

Won every Scenario  

Feels Like The First Time 5 

Perform your first Stealth Kill in a Multiplayer Game.  

Deadly Catch 10 

Delivered T-Eng Canister 2 Times  

Stop Stalking Me 10 

Killed 20 Wardeyes  

Top Dog 10 

Delivered T-Eng Canister 3 Times  

Scorched Earth Policy 10 

Destroyed Satellite Array  

Riding Shotgun 10 

Get a kill while on the Battlecat  

Touchdown 10 

Delivered the T-ENG Canister  

Big Bang 5 

Unlocked Sphere Cell  

Sphere We Go 30 

Unlocked 30 Sphere Cells  

Sphere Complete 75 

Unlocked all Sphere Cells