Box art - Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me: Minion Rush iPhone Cheats

Cheat Codes

Gift Codes

Minion Rush has a section in the settings panel for gift codes. Here are the combinations of minions to use in order to unlock the corresponding prize:

  • 5 score perks - Maid Minion + Hulu Minion + Baby Minion
  • Free referee minion - Baby Minion + Fireman Minion + Hulu Minion
  • Kung fu taunt - Fireman Minion + Golf Minion + Normal Minion
  • Laughing taunt - The Golf Minion + Baby Minion + Mustache Minion
  • 5 banana perks - Hula Minion + Mustache Minion + Firefighter Minion

Free Tokens

Connecting to Facebook not only allows you to send your entertaining friends taunts and challenges, it also gives you extra Gru tokens the first time you connect it (50 to be exact).

Also, Minion Rush gives you the ability to earn free Gru tokens whenever you like by watching short video ads. Each video you watch will give you 1 free token.

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General Tips

  • As you complete tasks, Gru tokens will become available to you for doing so. Make sure you don't forget to claim them. Minion Rush is sneaky about not really explaining this.
  • When you see a large patch of green runway coming up, get ready to take control of your minion using your device's tilt functionality. Make very gentle movements and concentrate on surviving rather than grabbing every last banana.
  • It's always worth bumping into fellow minions, rather than grabbing the handful of bananas nearby, as this will increase your score multiplier.
  • To take them out just be in the nearest lane to them; your minion will automatically take care of the rest.
  • When fighting against Vector, you have to avoid the large units that he drops onto the lanes, but fire the shielded units back at him. Tap on the explosive objects to send them hurtling toward his ship.
  • Most upgrades can be bought using the bananas you've collected, and we recommend prioritizing the Minion Shield first, so you can survive a collision on the course.
  • Pay attention to the goals that you're given throughout the game as they will reward you with a generous chunk of tokens to help you continue on in the game after taking a tumble.
  • You can switch lanes while you're in mid-air.
  • Running out of tokens and getting annoyed with the Revive timer message? Tap rapidly on the screen, anywhere outside of the Revive box, and you'll be able to start up a new game in no time at all. Note that if you do want to Revive, it'll cost more with each successive use in any single run.
  • Always try grabbing the Fluffy Unicorn icon when it appears on the screen. You'll need to unlock it from the store first, but once active this mini-game gives you the chance to earn some serious bananas. Use your tilt controls to steer the unicorn through the massive columns of currency.

Costume List

  • Baby Minion
  • Baker Minion
  • Ballerina Minion
  • Bee-do Minion
  • Dad Minion
  • Disguised Minion
  • Firefighter Minion
  • Girl Minion
  • Golfer Minion
  • Grandpa Minion
  • Hunter Minion
  • Jogger Minion
  • Mom Minion
  • Ninja Minion
  • Quarterback Minion
  • Referee Minion
  • Singer Minion
  • Snorkeler Minion
  • Snowboarder Minion
  • Starfish Minion
  • Surfer Minion
  • Tortilla Chip Hat Minion
  • Tourist Minion
  • Vacationer Minion
  • Vampire Minion
  • Worker Minion

Power-Up List

  • Banana Splitter
  • Banana Vacuum
  • Fluffy Unicorn
  • Freeze Ray
  • Golden Banana
  • Golden Prize Pod
  • Golden Shield
  • Gru's Rocket
  • Mega Minion
  • Minion Launcher
  • Minion Shield
  • Moon
  • PX-41