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Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour end date

We’re getting into late October and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for the Halloween festivities to begin! Nintendo’s arcade racer is donning a seasonal dressing from October 22 at 11 PM PT on both iOS and Android, but with in-game celebrations taking the form of a limited-time event, what’s the Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour end date?

When does the Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour end?

Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour end date

You might assume that the seasonal tour ends on November 1, what with Halloween being over at that point, but the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account recently revealed that players will have a little extra time to finish up with the event. There’s no need to cancel any of your All Hallow’s Eve plans in order to play MKT instead, as it’ll remain live until 9:59 PM PT on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

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That’s great news for anyone looking to squeeze the most out of Nintendo’s spooky seasonal celebration, as this presents a lengthier opportunity to race through the Luigi’s Mansion course that’s new to Mario Kart Tour. Seasoned fans may already know that it originally featured in Mario Kart DS, but now it’s back from the dead to haunt a more modern portable platform. Racing through the haunted mansion is also a good way for Nintendo to cross-promote the release of Luigi’s Mansion 3 this October 31 on Nintendo Switch.

Not only will players get to drive a new track, but also unlock a new playable racer in King Boo. This floating royal will feature his own special skill that’s said to be appropriately “fit for a king,” though there’s not been an official confirmation of exactly what that entails just yet.

The Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour will run from 11 pm PT on October 22nd through to 9:59 pm PT on November 5.