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Xbox Free Play Days | Games, start time, and more

The Xbox Free Play Days is back, offering Xbox Live and Game Pass Ultimate members the chance to try out two games for no extra cost. The Free Play Days will be beginning this weekend and will only be available for a couple of days. Here is everything you need to know about which games are free to play, start times, and more.

Xbox Free Play Days | UFC 3 and F1 2019

Xbox Free Play Days

Starting today, October 31, eligible players can download UFC 3 and F1 2019 for free on their Xbox. The Free Play Days began at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET and will run until November 3 at 12 PM PM/2 AM ET (technically November 4). To download these games for free, simply head to the Xbox Store within the time frame and install it to your console. You’ll be able to play both of these games as much as you’d like until the end date rolls around.

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If you enjoy what you’re playing and want to by the full version at the end of the Xbox Free Play Days, you can buy either (or both) of these games at a discounted price. Further, your achievements and gamerscore will carry over to the full version upon purchase. The announcement doesn’t specify that progress will also be carried over upon purchase, but in past Xbox Free Play Days it has, so it’s fairly safe to assume it will this time around as well.

UFC 3 will be discounted from $20 to $10, while F1 2019 will be discounted from $60 to $32. Additionally, special editions of both games will also be available for a discounted price. If you’re not eligible for the Xbox Free Play Days but would like to take part in it, you can purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription on Amazon. You can also buy a $5 Cravings Box from Taco Bell and get 44 free days of Game Pass Ultimate, which will give you both Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass.