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Modern Warfare Claymore Nerf | Have claymores been nerfed?

Camping and prolific campers’ use of claymores have been major issues in Infinity Ward and Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). Patch 1.06 took the first necessary steps towards addressing this issue, but now, the November 8 nerf has taken things even further. The community has been begging for a significant Modern Warfare claymore nerf, which has now been implemented courtesy of the version 1.07 update. Let’s get right into the changes.

Modern Warfare 1.07 claymore nerf

Modern Warfare claymore nerf

As of November 8th, 2019, detonating an enemy claymore by shooting it at close proximity is non-lethal to players at full health. Previously, if an enemy had placed their claymore precisely, they could effectively block off an entire route by ensuring that there was no way to remove the planted explosive without shooting it and dying in the resulting blast. Now, these situations won’t automatically prove lethal, which is huge news for frustrated players.

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The above scenario is assuming you weren’t kitted out with the ability to hack claymores or with stun grenades in your loadout to temporarily disable them. These were players’ previous means of countering the prolific mines in Modern Warfare multiplayer, but they shouldn’t be as big of a problem moving forward owing to a second patch 1.07 amendment.

Developers at Infinity Ward have reduced both the trigger and damage radius on claymores, alongside the damage width in an effort to better match the trigger width. This essentially means that you’ll need to get closer to a claymore in order to prompt it to explode, and also be closer to the ensuing explosion to suffer damage from it. When combined with the aforementioned damage output reduction, we have quite a potent Modern Warfare claymore nerf on our hands.

It’s clear that the Call of Duty development team is moving swiftly to address community issues with Modern Warfare and even adopting suggestions like tighter claymore triggers. That’s good news, so be sure to stick with GameRevolution for more on changes to the game as they happen.