Box art - Death Stranding

Death Stranding | How to get collectible figures and what they do

Not too long after being introduced to your private room in Death Stranding, you’ll probably notice the first of your collectible figures. These little green army man-like figures take the form of the various characters and enemies in the game and are housed in a shelf above Sam’s bed.

Getting collectible figures in Death Stranding isn’t too tricky. In fact, you’re somewhat forced to get more. We’ll discuss how you get more figures below and what they’re used for.

How do you get more collectible figures in Death Stranding?

If you’ve got a sharp eye, you’ll notice that new figures actually appear on the table beside Sam when you get them. You’ll typically get them after a major story point, or after fighting an enemy for the first time. You don’t actually have to collect the figures actively. They’ll just appear as you pass certain milestones in the game.

Some of the figures you’ll get in Death Stranding are:

  • Sam
  • Sam carrying a corpse
  • Fragile
  • BTs (Gazers)
  • BTs (Chasers)
  • Higgs
  • and a ton more.

What do you do with the collectible figures in Death Stranding?

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any uses for the collectible figures in Death Stranding. Other than chilling out and looking at them, there’s nothing you can really do with them. I was personally hoping for a way to at least look at them up close, preferably with some description text, but there’s no model viewer either.

It might be a bummer, especially since there’s no real acknowledgment of the figures. They just pop up and move to the shelf behind Sam after awhile. It’s possible that I’ve missed something, and there’s some way to interact with them. However, I’ve played this game around 100 hours, and spent a lot of time experimenting and searching for secrets/easter eggs, and have got nada so far.