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Death Stranding | How to get Lockne to change her mind in Episode 5

When you meet Lockne in Episode 5 of Death Stranding, you’ll have to change her mind about joining the UCA. She’s openly hostile when your first meet her in Mountain Knot City. If you want to continue your journey, you need to convince Lockne that Bridges is trustworthy. This is one of a few times in Death Stranding where you don’t get a waypoint or any obvious advice on where to go next, so it can be tough to figure out just what to do if you accidentally missed some crucial info.

Fortunately, convincing Lockne to join the UCA in Death Stranding isn’t too difficult to figure out. However, it does involve a potentially arduous journey. We’ll show you how to get Lockne to change her mind below.

How to change Lockne’s mind in Death Stranding

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The reason that Lockne is so upset with Bridges is because of her sister. Mama, the namesake of Death Stranding‘s Episode 5, is Lockne’s twin sister. After her accident three years prior to the events of the game, Mama severed contact with Lockne. These events will be explained in more detail later on, but suffice to say, there are some things Mama and Lockne need to work out.

After reaching Mountain Knot City and speaking to Lockne for the first time, you need to turn right around and head back towards South Knot City. Since nothing in the mountainous area south of Mountain Knot City is connected to the Chiral Network, you’re best off heading north down the mountain. To make the journey back easier, use some PCC (Lv. 2) to make a zipline trail down the mountain. Once you’ve reached the marshes, head east past the Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City and back towards the direction of Lake Knot City. Once you’ve reached the area around The Craftsman, curve south and follow the roadbed back to Mama’s Lab.

I recommend before you actually go to Mama’s Lab, do yourself a favor and five-star the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. This will get you the Truck – Long Range (Lv. 3). You have a long way to drive, and having the extra battery life will keep you from sweating.

When you reach Mama’s Lab, she’ll ask you to take her to Mountain Knot City so she can speak to Lockne in person. If you thought transporting the Chiral Artist earlier in the game was nervewracking, you’re going to hate the road ahead. Mama will climb in a body bag, and you’ll have to carry her on your back all the way to Mountain Knot City.

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There is only one logical route to take, which is to retrace your steps back the way you came. After you leave Mama’s Lab, you’ll fight a boss. After that, you should get a truck. Hopefully, you’ve obtained the blueprint for the Truck – Long Range (Lv. 3), in which case this should be an easy ride.

Ideally, you can drive the truck until you reach the base of the mountain leading to Mountain Knot City. If you left the zipline trail recommended above, you can ride that most of the way up and just walk into the city.

If you didn’t leave a zipline trail, the going will be a bit more arduous. Since you’re carrying Mama, you’ll want to take the left-most path up. The terrain is harder, but you can more easily avoid BTs if you take this route. When you hit the snowy area, you’ll want to start veering towards Mountain Knot City.

Once you’ve delivered Mama safely to Mountain Knot City, she will convince Lockne to accept membership into the UCA. After this is done, you can continue making your way through the story of Death Stranding.