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Modern Warfare Audio Mix | Best sound setting for footsteps

If you’re looking for a competitive advantage over your opponents in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), there’s arguably no better way than to hear them coming and prepare in advance for any attack. In order to do this, you’ll need to fiddle with your in-game sound settings a bit, so here’s the very best Modern Warfare audio mix that ambitious players should start using right away.

What is the best sound setting for Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare audio mix

In addition to the usual volume sliders, Modern Warfare features a variety of audio mixes that place focus on different areas of the shooter’s soundscape. These can be used to achieve the richest audio quality for your current setup and situation, or, in this instance, turned to your advantage in multiplayer.

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Firstly, you’ll want to stick your best set of headphones on for increased spatial awareness in-game and also to block out the distracting noise pollution present in most environments. With that sorted, follow the steps below.

  • Boot up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and from the main menu select “Options”
  • Navigate to the “Audio” tab
  • Select the “Audio Mix” option to be presented the following list:
    • Studio Reference — Maximum Dynamic Range; recommended at 75dB
    • Dynamic Home Theater — High Dynamic Range; recommended at 65dB
    • Home Theater — Moderate Dynamic Range; recommended at 55dB
    • Midnight Mode — Low Dynamic Range; softer volume maintaining detail
    • Boost — Moderate Dynamic Range;  neutral equalization.
    • Boost High — Moderate Dynamic Range; enhanced high frequencies
    • Boost Low — Moderate Dynamic Range; enhanced low frequencies
  • Select “Boost High” for the best footstep sounds
  • While in the “Audio” menu, you may also wish to decrease the “Music Volume” and “Dialogue Volume” settings
  • This is optional but will place an even greater emphasis on sound effects including enemy footsteps

Footsteps are a high-frequency sound that the Boost High setting will effectively amplify. Many competitive players recommend this particular Modern Warfare audio mix, so be sure to give it a shot and see how it can improve your performance.