Box art - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Does Jedi Fallen Order have New Game Plus mode?

Whether or not Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has New Game Plus mode is something fans want to know. After all, it’s always nice to get to play through a game again with the capability to use all the cool skills, items, and abilities you earned the first time around. However, despite how much gamers love New Game Plus, many games just don’t have them.

Jedi Fallen Order seems like a good candidate for New Game Plus. It’s semi-open-world and has a ton of cosmetics, power-ups, skills, and abilities to get. It’d be great to experience the game a second time as a full-fledged Jedi Knight. So, is it possible?

Is there a New Game Plus after you beat Jedi Fallen Order?

Unfortunately, Jedi Fallen Order doesn’t have New Game Plus as of writing. I can actually see why this is the case. Your progression in Jedi Fallen Order is closely tied to your current ability set, so letting you have all those at the start of the game would invite heavy sequence breaking that would likely render the game completely broken. Additionally, many of the skills you learn enhance those abilities, so those are out too.

However, I would have appreciated the ability to at least start a new game with all your cosmetics unlocked. Tracking down all the saber parts, outfits, ponchos, and colors for BT-1 and the Mantis is an undertaking, and not really something I’d want to do a second time. Getting the chance to play through without worrying about grabbing chests while still getting to enjoy the cosmetics would be awesome.

Respawn Entertainment hasn’t ruled out a New Game Plus for Jedi Fallen Order, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Given how closely progression is tied to acquiring new abilities and items, it would be hard to balance the mode in a way that would keep you from busting the game while also allowing you to keep any progression from a previous playthrough.