Box art - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Switch release date

A Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Switch release date would be great news for owners of Nintendo’s console. After all, the Switch has gotten some great ports since its release almost three years ago. With games like The Witcher 3 hitting multi-modal sensation, the sky seems to be the limit on what will make its way to the system.

However, not every new game is going to make its way to the Switch. Though there are some excellent performing ports for the console, it’s evident that there’s quite a bit of work involved with getting higher fidelity games from other systems to work on it. Fans do want to know if Jedi Fallen Order is coming to Switch or not, but the possibilities are looking grim.

Will Jedi Fallen Order get a Switch release date?

As of writing, there are no plans to bring Jedi Fallen Order to the Switch. Given that I had quite a few moments of slowdown on the Xbox One X, it seems like Respawn Entertainment will likely have its hands full patching the game for PC, Xbox and PS4 before it even thinks about setting its sites on other platforms.

The Switch, unfortunately, just doesn’t have the hardware to push a lot of bigger releases. While Nintendo does a great job with its first-party titles, and we’ve seen ports from Bethesda and CD Projekt Red that perform better than we could have ever imagined, most studios aren’t interested in committing the resources to optimize a game for a Switch release.

While I’m not personally a game developer, it can be assumed that the process of porting a game like Skyrim or The Witcher 3 to Switch is somewhat arduous. Optimizing a game to run on a platform with half the RAM and a system on a chip that has only a fraction of the power of a mid-range CPU and GPU can’t be easy. So, for now, we’ll just have to accept that Jedi Fallen Order likely isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch anytime soon, if ever.