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Jedi Fallen Order Google Stadia release date

Jedi Fallen Order released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 15, but many players are already looking further ahead. The Jedi Fallen Order Google Stadia release date is probably one topic on the mind of some players, and Electronic Arts isn’t shy when it comes to releasing a game in the biggest number of platforms as it possibly can. So when is Jedi Fallen Order coming to Stadia if it is coming to the platform at all?

Jedi Fallen Order Google Stadia Release Date | When is it coming?

Jedi Fallen Order Google Stadia Release Date

Stadia has revealed its initial lineup of launch games for November 19, the same day Google’s anticipated cloud gaming service will be made available in selected countries. The service will expand during 2020 and receive additional features to complement the brand’s original vision.

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The 12 Stadia launch games were revealed, but unfortunately Jedi Fallen Order isn’t one of them. It could be due to timing, or a partnership with EA that is yet to be achieved, but the initial lineup doesn’t include any EA games. The lineup includes some Tomb Raider games, two Ubisoft titles, various other games in different genres, and not a Jedi in sight.

While a Jedi Fallen Order Google Stadia release date wasn’t yet announced, Stadia has promised that 14 more games will be released before the end of the year. Jedi Fallen Order is unlikely to be a part of this list as well, but come 2020, EA is expected to make some of its catalog available on Stadia as evidenced by the logo in the Stadia Connect video. EA is one of many publishers in that parade of company logos. Still, it’s too early to say if the new streaming service is going to become a hit. But give how Jedi Fallen Order is being critically received right now, it is probably going to end up on Stadia during the next year.