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Gears 5 Christmas Event | All Gearsmas rewards

As the big day creeps closer and closer, more and more games adopt the holiday spirit to draw players in with seasonal rewards and jovial events. The Coalition’s most successful Gears (of War) game to date is no exception, with the Gears 5 Christmas event bringing a variety of enticing rewards to the festive buffet table. Holiday-themed skins, free items, and limited-time XP boosts are available, so let’s get right into the meat and potatoes of Title Update 3.1.

Gears 5 Gearsmas rewards list

Gears 5 Christmas event

Gears 5 recently received a new Free For All deathmatch mode, and seemingly in an effort to encourage players to give it a try, The Coalition is offering a Krampus Scion skin (pictured) to anybody that can claim 200 kills in the playlist throughout the course of the event. The Gearsmas end date is January 2, 2020, so don’t leave yourself short of time if you really want the Krampus Scion skin for your collection.

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Jingle Juvies” is a Horde Special Event that sees players battle swarms of exploding Juvies made to look like reindeer. Taking place over just 20 waves, if you can beat a cumulative 100 waves of Jingle Juvies throughout Gearsmas you’ll be rewarded with a whopping 18 Christmassy weapon skins.

Lastly for unlockables, just by logging in to play Gears 5 on different days during the Geasmas event it’s possible to earn the Gearsmas Jack skin, Gearsmas Bloodspray, Gearsmas Mark, and Gearsmas Banner. They’re all pictured above.

If you’re a true Gears 5 devotee (or perhaps just want to avoid the family), playing on December 25 and/or 26 will also offer an XP boost. What better way is there to celebrate the most magical of days than to spend it gorily chainsawing people in half, eh?

The Gears 5 Gearsmas event is live right now and scheduled to run through January 2, 2020. If you’re looking to earn any of the associated rewards, be sure to do so before then.