Fire Force Episode 25 Release Date | Will there be a Season Two?

If you’ve been keeping up with Fire Force, you will be wanting to know when the Fire Force episode 25 release date should be. In this guide, we’ll let you know if there will be an episode 25 following the dramatic Season One finale of this exciting anime. Read on to discover the Fire Force episode 25 release dates and times in both the U.S. and U.K. below. We’ll also let you in on whether or not there will be a Fire Force Season Two.

When is the Fire Force episode 25 release date? | Will there be a Fire Force Season Two?

Fire Force episode 25

As stated above, the first season of Fire Force has come to an end. On December 27, Fire Force Season One concluded thanks to the premiere of a double-header episode (episodes 23 and 24) finale. Thankfully, we know with surety that there will definitely be an episode 25, at least, there will be in the form of the Fire Force Season Two opener. As of writing, the Fire Force episode 25 release date is summer 2020. This was confirmed by the official Fire Force Twitter account.

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Unfortunately, we don’t know an exact episode 25 release date. It is currently scheduled with a vague summer 2020 release. As stated above, episode 25 of Fire Force will be the show’s Season Two opener. This means that the Fire Force Season 2 release date is currently scheduled as summer 2020.

Based on when Fire Force began, however, we can guess that Season Two of the anime should begin in either July or August 2020. While we know when the second Season of Fire Force should begin, we can’t make the wait any shorter for you. There is a teaser trailer, however, which you can watch at the end of this guide.

We’d expect that you will be able to turn to either Crunchyroll or Funimation to watch episode 25 of Fire Force when it goes live. Time will tell what its schedule will be, mind. Time to play the waiting game.