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Minecraft Dungeons Beta Start Date | How and when to play

No, Minecraft isn’t shutting down anytime soon and ARPG spin-off Minecraft Dungeons seems to be coming along nicely. All is well in the whimsical world of Minecraft, and it’ll seemingly only get better when the long-awaited Minecraft Dungeons closed beta finally arrives. When might that be, though? Here’s what we currently know about the Minecraft Dungeons beta start date and how you can register for a chance to gain closed beta access.

What is the Minecraft Dungeons beta start date and time?

Minecraft Dungeons beta start date

The developers at Mojang and Double Eleven haven’t yet announced a start date or time for their Minecraft Dungeons beta. All that’s been officially offered so far is confirmation that closed beta testing will be conducted at “some time in the future.”

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Although this might be disappointingly vague, in theory, the longer the wait the better the closed beta should perform. It’ll go live whenever it’s good and ready, which is really the best that Minecraft fans excited to embark on new adventures could hope for.

According to the Xbox website, the full version of Minecraft Dungeons is expected to launch on an unspecified day in April 2020.  This means that the closed beta should arrive sooner rather than later — provided development is still on track — since the game’s launch isn’t actually that far away.

We’ll provide an update to this guide once the precise Minecraft Dungeons closed beta start date and time are known.

How to sign up for the Minecraft Dungeons beta

Minecraft Dungeons beta start date

In order to be considered for access to the closed Minecraft Dungeons beta, you’ll need to sign up via the official website. It’s worth noting that you must have or be willing to create a Microsoft Account, and also be aged 18 or older.