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Escape From Tarkov Backend Error | How to fix

Escape from Tarkov is an internet-based game, which means it’s prone to the occasional error. The Escape from Tarkov backend error is one such problem that appears when connection issues surface. In this case, the word “backend” implies the problem is server-side, but in specific circumstances, there are methods that players themselves can use to fix the issue.

Escape from Tarkov Backend Error Fix

escape from tarkov backend error fix

The Escape from Tarkov backend error seems to be a problem of server-side data allocation. The error pops up when there is a miscommunication between the servers and the player’s PC. It often causes disconnections or even game crashes, potentially resulting in lost items or loot.

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The backend error seems to take many forms: Sometimes popup messages specify a failure to receive data from the peer, sometimes they say the game could not unzip a backend response, and other times they include a bunch of gibberish symbols. They also sometimes include numbers, such as backend error 502 or 1000.

How do you fix the Escape from Tarkov backend error? By and large, the solution is to wait for a proper fix from the developers. There are numerous instances of the development team directly addressing a “backend error” through the Battlestate Games Twitter account. Most of the time, the problem seems to get resolved without any action on part of the user.

However, there is a specific subset of players who encounter the backend error while using Comcast internet service. Reddit user Prolly_Baked tracked down the source of this problem to the company’s habit of restricting data usage. More information can be found at this Reddit post, but in a nutshell, the process involves acknowledging the company’s data usage popups.

If you keep receiving the Escape from Tarkov backend error, the best course of action is to wait for an official fix. Server outages are common with internet-connected games, and developers are generally keen to get them fixed as soon as possible. Thankfully, players have reported that all the loot they seem to have lost when the error surfaces is regained once the developers have issued a fix. Looking into ISP settings is only recommended for users who experience the backend error frequently, particularly those using Comcast as an internet service provider.