Best Joy-Con Grips 2020

When you’re looking for the best Joy-Con grips, you could be searching for a few products. You may want the best Switch charging grip, which combines your Joy-Cons into a full-size controller. You may be looking for some grips to make playing with individual Joy-Cons easier on your hands. You might just want a grip to wrap around your whole Switch to make playing it on the go more comfortable.

No matter what kind of grip you’re looking for, you’ll find something below. We’ve put together a list of the best Joy-Con grips of 2020, so you can play without having to let go.

Best Joy-Con Grips 2020

The following products are all “Joy-Con grips” in some form or fashion. By Nintendo’s definition, a Joy-Con grip is a plastic dock that combines two Joy-Cons into a full controller. However, There are non-slip covers that also brand themselves as “Joy-Con grips.” We’ve gathered both types below so you’ll have the best selection possible.

Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip by Nintendo

Best Joy-Con Grips Nintendo

The Joy-Con grip that comes with the Nintendo Switch, unfortunately, doesn’t allow you to charge your Joy-Cons when they’re docked. However, Nintendo does offer a first-party Joy-Con charging grip that lets you charge your Joy-Cons via a USB-C port.

Nintendo’s first-party products are typically some of the best quality you can find in video gaming. As such, you can’t go wrong with this grip, though it’s one of the more expensive on our list.

Buy it for $27.99

PowerA Joy-Con Comfort Grips for Nintendo Switch – Black by PowerA

Best Joy-Con Grips PowerA

This Joy-Con grip from PowerA doesn’t charge your Joy-Cons, but it’s a cheap replacement for the original. It also has an advantage over the Joy-Con grip included with the Switch. Unlike the stock grip, PowerA’s Comfort Grips has a rubber coating, which makes it a lot less slippery.

Other than the rubber coating, the PowerA Comfort Grips work precisely in the same manner as the stock Switch grip. It’s a great replacement and can be had for cheaper than a first-party grip.

Buy it for $9.99

Hand Grips Connectors for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons 5-in-1 by Vivefox

Best Joy-Con Grips Vivefox

Unlike the two products above, which follow the lines of the stock Joy-Con grips, the Vivefox 5-in-1 includes three different grip configurations, as well as two spare Joy-Con extensions.

If you don’t find the stock Joy-Con grip design to be comfortable, these alternatives might be what you need.

Buy it for $13.98

4 Pack FastSnail Joy-Con Grip Kit for Nintendo Switch by Fastsnail

Best Joy-Con Grips FastSnail

Instead of combing two Joy-Cons, Fastsnails grip kit aims to make playing with an individual controller more comfortable. These rubber grips fit around a single Joy-Con and change its form-factor to something that more closely resembles the Pro Controller.

If you play a lot of games with friends using single Joy-Cons, these grips are a must-have. They help combat the fatigue of playing with such small controllers by giving you a bigger area to grip.

Buy it for $22.99

Dockable Trigger Hand Grip Case for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (Black) by ButterFox

Best Joy-Con Grips ButterFox

This Joy-Con grip docks to the Switch in portable mode and gives you some extra leverage to hold the system more easily. The product also fits shoulder buttons over the existing ones to make them easier to press.

If you’re playing your Switch in portable mode for extended periods of time, consider picking this grip up. It makes a world of difference when it comes to hand fatigue, and it gives you a more secure hold on your Switch.

Buy it for $10.99

Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Daemon X Machina Edition) Ergonomic Controller for Handheld Mode by Hori

Best Joy-Con Grips Hori

This impressive product from Hori essentially gives you a split Pro Controller to attach to your Switch unit. The Split Pad Pro is a bit on the expensive side, but playing in portable mode with this grip makes for a much more pleasant experience than using stock Joy-Cons.

The only drawback to this product is that it’s not a wireless controller. So, you can’t attach them to a grip and use them. They’re functional with portable mode only.

Buy it for $49.99

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