Resident Evil: Resistance loot boxes seemingly confirmed

It seems like Resident Evil: Resistance will have loot boxes according to some recent gameplay seen on YouTube. No official details have been released by Capcom concerning microtransactions in Resident Evil: Resistance, but the format seen in the gameplay is unmistakably similar to that seen in games like Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Destiny 2.

Though the screenshot of the Resident Evil: Resistance loot box is in Chinese, we can use machine translation to get the gist of the options on the screen.

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Resident Evil Resistance Loot Box 1

The instructions at the bottom of the screen read:

  • 使用成绩点数 (RP) 购买一个装饰匣 – Buy a decorative box with grade points.
  • (Caption) 获得相应的成绩点数保护伞货币用以购买奖励箱子 – Earn Umbrella currency to purchase reward boxes

You can pay 50,000 of in-game currency to purchase a loot box, which will then give you an item in one of the following categories:

  • 幸存者造型 (0/24) – Survivor Skins
  • 怪物造型 (0/15) – Monster Skins
  • 武器造型 (0/48) – Weapon Skins
  • 喷雾 (0/52) – Sprays
  • 幸存者动作 (0/16) – Survivor Gestures
  • 丧尸动作 (0/7) – Zombie Gestures
  • 操纵者语音 (0/28) – Mastermind Voiceovers

So, at the very least, we know that Resident Evil: Resistance loot boxes will be cosmetic-only. However, the big question is whether or not the in-game currency is only earned through gameplay or whether you can purchase it as a microtransaction.

Resident Evil Resistance Loot Box 2

We also see a screen that shows a loot box inventory screen that has a box labeled as “低级道具匣,” which roughly translated to “Low-Level Loot Box.”

Different level loot boxes with varying amounts of purchase seem to point in the direction of premium currency. However, without an official announcement, we can’t really be sure. There’s also the possibility that these loot boxes are Chinese-only as we haven’t seen them outside of this gameplay.

Since Resident Evil: Resistance comes bundled with Resident Evil 3 remake, it wouldn’t be surprising if Capcom was looking for an alternate revenue stream to continue providing updates for the game. With so many studios looking towards the live service model for sustained income, maybe this is Capcom’s experiment with how well it’ll work out with one of its most-loved franchises. It’s a smart move, considering that multiplayer is very much seen as a bonus with the purchase of Resident Evil 3 remake and not a given.