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Call of Duty Warzone Weapon XP | How does experience work?

You gain weapon XP in Call of Duty Warzone just as you do in the regular multiplayer of Modern Warfare. The big question is whether weapon XP in the new mode levels up guns the way it does in any other mode. After all, you don’t get to choose your loadout in Warzone unless you find a special box in-game.

Does weapon XP in Call of Duty Warzone level up my guns in Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty Warzone Weapon XP

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Completing weapon challenges is one of the big draws of Modern Warfare, and as cool as the new mode seems, you’re probably still working on getting platinum skins for all your guns. So, whether or not weapons XP in Call of Duty Warzone levels your guns in Modern Warfare multiplayer is a big deal for completionists.

Fortunately, any gun you use in Warzone earns weapon XP just like it would if you used it in Domination, Headquarters, Team Deathmatch, or any other multiplayer mode. In fact, you’ll usually get a chance to get more weapon XP in battle royale since there are 147 targets available for you to take down.

Everyone has their favorite guns and getting platinum can be a major pain if you don’t enjoy a weapon. Warzone is excellent for this because you’re forced to use whatever you pick up. You’ll find yourself getting weapon XP for guns you never pick up in regular Modern Warfare multiplayer.

This should even work if you play the standalone free-to-play Call of Duty Warzone on another platform. So, if you play Warzone standalone on PC and own Modern Warfare on PS4, your weapon progression will carry over between the two platforms. This is really handy if you want to play battle royale on another system but don’t feel like purchasing another copy of Modern Warfare.

In short, you get the chance to level weapons and your character in Call of Duty Warzone just as you would in any other multiplayer mode.