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General (In-Game) Achievements


Level 10!Reach level 10.10
Level 20!Reach level 20.10
Level 30!Reach level 30.10
Level 40!Reach level 40.10
Level 50!Reach level 50.10
Treasure Chest SpotterLoot any 10 treasure chests.5
Treasure Chest SeekerLoot any 50 treasure chests.5
Treasure Chest StalkerLoot any 100 treasure chests.5
Treasure Chest HunterLoot any 1,000 treasure chests.5
Renowned!Loot a renowned item.5
ArtifactLoot an artifact item.5
Feeling Blue...Wear a full set of renown gear.15
Envious??Wear a full set of artifact gear.15
Slayer of DaedraKill Daedric creatures from Oblivion.15
Slayer of Dwarven ConstructsKill Dwarven mechanical constructs.15
Slayer of HumanoidsKill humanoids, goblin-kin, and giant-kin.15
Slayer of NatureKill a variety of natural creatures in the wilds of Tamriel and beyond.15
Slayer of the UndeadKill skeletal creatures, the walking dead, restless spirits, and vampires.15
Pocket Guide: BeastiaryComplete all the Monster Slayer achievements (listed above).50