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Doom Eternal Master Levels | What are they?

The Doom Eternal Master Levels aren’t quite what you’d expect if you’re an old fan of the series. Whereas the Master Levels in Doom 2 were just new levels, they are different this time around. So what are the Doom Eternal Master Levels, how many of them are there, and how do you get them?

Doom Eternal Master Levels | What are they?

Doom Eternal Master Levels | What are they?

The Master Levels in Doom Eternal are remixes of the game’s core stages. You’ll still be doing the same objectives, but the enemy setups will be a bit different. For example, while there are a ton of differences in the Arc Complex Master Level, one of the encounters has a Cyber Demon that wasn’t there in the vanilla level.

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Doom Eternal Master Levels | How many are there?

Currently, there are only two Master Levels. One of the Arc Complex and one is the Cultist base. There will be more coming later this year in 2020 and possibly even past that, but id has not been specific.

There are a few more listed in the 1.03 update: Exultia and Final Sin.

Doom Eternal Master Levels | How do you get them?

Doom Eternal Master Levels | What are they?

Answering how you get the Doom Eternal Master Levels is a little more tricky since there are multiple ways. You get the Arc Complex by playing the game near its launch and it’s unknown if it’ll be made available later for latecomers. Players unlock the Cultist Base Master Level by pre-ordering the game and it is also unclear if everyone will be able to play it later.

You can get the Exultia level through Twitch Prime (it is like the May 21 Twitch Prime drop). It is not clear how to get the Final Sin Master Level yet.

There are more on the way, too, as the game also says “Check back often to see which Master Levels are available.” This implies that they’ll be patched in later and not require you to go to a separate menu to download them. It’s unknown if they will be free like the multiplayer DLC though, but it seems very possible.