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Doom Eternal Khan Maykr Boss | How to beat

The Doom Eternal Khan Maykr is the penultimate boss fight in the game. Obviously, there will be spoilers from here on out, but she was once your friend and is now your enemy. And enemies must be ripped and torn. So how do you beat the Khan Maykr in Doom Eternal?

Doom Eternal Khan Maykr Boss | How to beat

Doom Eternal Khan Maykr Boss | How to beat

Like the final boss, the Khan Maykr can be topped if you do what the game has been teaching you: keep moving. But the very basics are to shoot her and then use your Super Shotgun grappling hook to zip up to her and Blood Punch her with the melee button (once it is charged).

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Although that is assuming you are living long enough to do that. She will send drones at you, which can be killed a number of different ways, but the scope on the machine gun is the most effective. One headshot will kill them and spill goodies out for you. Take care of these as they can overwhelm you.

Moving laterally helps against the main boss. Use the pillars for cover when she shoots her yellow shots and purple ball. Be sure to watch out for the electrified ground as it grows bigger every round. Be sure to beeline to the safe zones, which, again, is harder in each round. Use your grappling hook shotgun, double jump, and dashes to avoid getting damaged.

The ballista, sniper scope for the machine gun, chaingun (you have to be a bit closer) and the rocket launcher all work quite well. There is also a BFG shot in the arena, which is also quite effective.

The fight can get a bit overwhelming, so just be sure to prioritize getting out of the electrified parts and then killing the drones while putting a pillar between you and Khan Maykr. After that is dealt with, let her have it.