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The Division 2 Account Banned | DPS Glitch Bans

A new wave of bans has arrived in The Division 2. Following the recent announcement of a late-March update, several The Division 2 accounts have been banned for bad behavior. Those affected were users who made use of a DPS glitch that severely hampered online play. If your Division 2 account was banned, you may be one of countless players to receive a suspension.

The Division 2 Account Banned for DPS Glitch

The Division 2 account banned dps glitch bans

Players who made use of The Division 2‘s DPS glitch have had their accounts temporarily banned. The developers stated that taking advantage of the glitch violated the game’s Code of Conduct. The account bans go into effect immediately, and will last for one full week.

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In addition to the one-week suspension, the accounts of sanctioned players will be rolled back to prior saves. These accounts will lose all progress made between March 17 and the start of the suspension period. This suspension also serves as one final warning: Any further violations of the Code of Conduct will result in a permanent ban.

This news was revealed in a post featured on the Division subreddit. There, the developers outlined the use of the exploit and how it affected the game’s multiplayer modes, saying:

“We were recently made aware of a bug that could be exploited and allowed players to increase their damage to an unintended amount. […] The use of this exploit has negatively impacted the game’s economy, leaderboards, been hugely detrimental in PVP and has negatively affected the enjoyment of the game for many.”

The latest string of The Division 2 account bans won’t make a lot of people happy. Then again, players should know better than to make use of game-breaking exploits. If you tried out the DPS glitch for fun and got caught in the crossfire, you’ll need to wait a week before you can play again. Just don’t try any future exploits, or the next suspension may last a lot longer.