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No Man’s Sky Exo Mech | How to get Minotaur Heavy Exocraft

Ever wanted to pilot a mech in No Man’s Sky? Well now you can. Thanks to the new Exo Mech update, fans have been given the chance to pilot their very own gigantic humanoid robot in classic mecha fashion. The so-called Minotaur mech offers several new abilities, and if you’re like us, you’re wondering how to get the mech in No Man’s Sky. Fortunately, the process is very straightforward.

How to get the Minotaur Mech in No Man’s Sky

no man's sky how to get mech Minotaur exocraft

In order to get the Minotaur mech in No Man’s Sky, you’ll first need to buy the Minotaur Geobay plans. These are found at the Construction Research Terminal in the Anomaly, and can be purchased for 10 salvaged data. Craft the Geobay, then you’ll be able to access the mech.

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Once you’ve claimed it as your own, you’ll be able to use the powered suit to explore the galaxy with a number of unique perks. The Exocraft, known more formally as the Minotaur, provides resistance to heat, radiation, and all other dangerous effects. It can also be used to mine for resources, making it an invaluable tool when it comes to exploration.

More than these, the new Exocraft also provides vastly increased mobility. Thanks to its jetpack, the Minotaur can jump across great distances and even glide across a planet’s surface. It also comes equipped with a laser that can be upgraded to the Terrain Manipulator, allowing it to blast straight through a planet’s surface.

On top of all these benefits, the Minotaur also has a few customizable options. The aforementioned Terrain Manipulator is one available upgrade, and a number of decals are available. You can also build the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser in order to summon the Minotaur in any star system where you’ve got a freighter.

To get the new Minotaur mech in No Man’s Sky, purchase and craft the Minotaur Geobay. You’ll be gliding and sliding around planets before you know it. Best of all, with the right upgrades, you won’t have to leave your new Exocraft in order to mine for valuable resources.