Twitter Trends Missing | Are trends gone?

Twitter is the way that many people stay in touch with the rest of the world. And, as frequent users are well aware, Twitter trends make it easy to see what everyone is talking about. However, it seems like Twitter trends have disappeared. Why are Twitter trends missing, and where have they gone? Is there any word on when they’re coming back?

Why are Twitter trends missing?

Twitter trends missing gone disappeared

Several users have recently noticed that Twitter trends seem to have disappeared. For now, there’s no word on why trends are missing, nor where they may have gone. Given that they’re one of the more popular tools used on Twitter, it’s likely that the disappearance of trends is merely a short-term glitch.

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For those who aren’t exactly familiar with how the function works, Twitter trends reflect the service’s most talked-about subjects. The trends panel is a convenient way to see the most popular topics of the time, typically sorted by the volume of related posts. Not only do trends provide a way to find new information, but they help connect users with similar interests.

As one of the service’s most useful features, it’s very unlikely that trends were simply removed. If that were the case, we’d almost certainly expect to hear more about it from the Twitter team. Since trends have vanished without a word, it’s probably safe to assume that their disappearance was accidental or related to some kind of technical malfunction.

Twitter trends may be missing temporarily, but we have no reason to think they won’t come back. After all, they’re part of what makes Twitter so useful. You may have to go without using trends for a little while, at least until the development team figures out what the problem is. If the trends feature has been removed purposefully, we’re very likely to hear more about it sometime soon.