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Will there be a Gears Tactics Xbox Series X release date?

If you’d rather play the game on console, specifically a next-gen console, you’re probably wondering “is there a Gears Tactics Xbox Series X release date?” In this guide, we’re here to let you in on the potential of an Xbox Series X Gears Tactics port. Read on to discover whether Gears Tactics will release on Xbox Series X or not.

Is there a Gears Tactics Xbox Series X release date?

Gears Tactics Xbox Series X release date

As of writing, there is no official confirmation of Gears Tactics on Xbox Series X. For now, the Gears of War spinoff is releasing on PC only (via Windows 10 and Steam). Gears Tactics, however, will be releasing on Xbox One at some point. This means that in some capacity, at least, Gears Tactics will be playable on Xbox Series X, via the next-gen console’s backwards compatibility. Given the little we know regarding the launch games for Xbox Series X, however, we cannot say for certain whether there will be a Series X port for the game, taking advantage of the extra power of the console.

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We can speculate, however, that there will be a Gears Tactics Xbox Series X port. We wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest to see the game release on the Series X, likely as a launch title. Given how you will be able to upgrade to the Series X versions of Xbox games for free, this means that you should be able to buy its eventual Xbox One port and play an upgraded version for free when it releases on the Series X. Given the backward-compatible nature of the Series X, though, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the game doesn’t launch on the machine. Instead, we could just be playing the Xbox One version on our new Xbox Series X.

For now, though, you can only play Gears Tactics on PC when it releases on April 28, 2020. If an Xbox Series X release date is given for Gears Tactics, we’ll update this guide with the correct information.