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Star Citizen 3.9 update patch notes

The Star Citizen 3.9 update patch notes are here! This brand new update is bringing some delicious new content to Star Citizen, and we do mean that literally: hunger, thirst, and body temperature are now very important factors for new pilots to consider!

Star Citizen 3.9 Update Patch Notes | Patch Highlights

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The Star Citizen 3.9 update patch notes kick off with microTech’s Interstellar Spaceport finally opening up. The new temperature systems will be a factor here as local weather conditions are said to be bitterly cold. On the upside, this is a pretty high-tech city that has some exclusive shops for players to check out!

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This isn’t the only new location, either — the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility on Aberdeen, Hurston is a new place for the criminals in the galaxy. It seems that if you destroy an innocent ship, shoot a landing zone, or commit some other kind of serious infraction, you could find yourself serving time.

Also arriving in the Star Citizen 3.9 update patch notes is a complete rework of the Friends List. You can now see what your friends are doing and jump into their universe (or have them come into yours) with minimal hassle!

First-person shooter enthusiasts aren’t getting left out, either. A dedicated Attachment Interface will let you swap out sights, scopes, silencers, and whatever other doodads and gadgets you might want to slap onto your favorite assault rifle. (Just make sure to take cover first so you don’t get turned into swiss cheese.)

Of course, the Star Citizen 3.9 update patch notes wouldn’t be a proper update without a new ship! Among the new additions is the Esperia Prowler, a high-defense dropship that can let you sneakily deploy up to 16 troops on the ground. (It also happens to look pretty darn cool.)

There are just a taste of the new additions coming to the game; read on for all the Star Citizen 3.9 update patch notes!

Star Citizen 3.9 Update Patch Notes | Full List

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“This is New Babbage Flight Control. With immediate effect, we can confirm that microTech’s Interstellar Spaceport is open and granting clearance to land. However, conditions are still inclement and likely to worsen, so we request that all pilots take additional care when approaching and descending. Passengers are advised to prepare for extreme cold. With that said, we and everyone at New Babbage are delighted to welcome you to microTech!”

Prisons: Klescher Rehabilitation Facility

Destroyed an innocent freighter? Opened fire on a landing zone? Committed a minor parking infraction? There’s only one place for scum like you, and you’ll have work your way back into the UEE’s good graces. The all-new Klescher Rehabilitation Facility on Aberdeen, Hurston is a flawless instrument of justice. Just stay away from the ventilation ducts… there’s nothing for you down there.

microTech: New Babbage

microTech’s exquisitely presented landing zone is finally open to the public. Although widely regarded as the ideal basecamp for explorers heading into the wilderness, this technology-driven super city is a destination itself thanks to ultra-modern architecture, exclusive shops, and luxury accommodations.

Rework: Friends List

It’s easier than ever to crew-up thanks to a complete refactor of the Friends List. You can now see the status of your prospective cohorts and jump into their universe, or invite them to yours, without jumping through hoops. Whether you’re mining, pirating, exploring, or struggling to get off the ground, teaming up is little more than a click away.

microTech: Clio, Calliope, Euterpe

Desolate, dangerous, and… beautiful. The harshest climes in Stanton are awaiting new footprints, though only the hardiest explorers need apply. From the snowy serenity of Clio to the blistered peaks of Caliope, via the rocky tundra of Euterpe, there’s adventure to be had a short jump from New Babbage.

UI: Weapon Attachments

Lock and load! Switching out small arms attachments has never been easier. Simply use the dedicated Attachment Interface to switch between sights, scopes, silencers, and whatever else you need to keep the peace.

Mission: Prisoner Transfer

Dispatch calling all available units – Code Four in Stanton. Pirates have captured a Drake Caterpillar transporting classified organic cargo. Be careful, we’ve had reports that they’re heavily armed and extremely dangerous.

New Ship: Esperia Prowler

This formidable dropship once struck fear into the hearts of UEE forces and Citizens alike… now you can too, thanks to Esperia! With high defense, low-signature components, and drop seats for 16 of your closest friends, the Prowler is the ideal way to move serious muscle across the universe. Plus, the unique Tevarin design looks like nothing else available anywhere on the Human market.

Player Status: Hot & Cold, Hunger & Thirst

The bitter weather of microTech can leave unprepared adventurers or hapless pilots frozen solid in minutes. Luckily, the mobiGlas now supports real-time body status readings. Now, you’ll know to take shelter when the weather gets too cold (or hot) to handle. And don’t forget to pack enough food and drink before heading out on an adventure to stave off hunger and dehydration.

Personal Inventory & Inner Thought

Everyone in the ‘verse now has their very own inventory system to keep vital weapons, life-saving consumables, and ludicrous sunglasses handy at all times. Plus, it’s easier than ever to interact with the world and its inhabitants thanks to a rework of the Inner Thought system.