How much does Snapchat premium cost?

If you’ve been using Snapchat on iOS or Android, you’ve probably noticed that there’s an optional premium service. This paid element to the social media app is entirely optional, though if you’re interested in getting access to exclusive content it’s often your only option. With that info in mind, you’re probably wondering: “How much does Snapchat premium cost?

In this guide, we’ll outline what you can expect to pay when purchasing premium Snapchat content.

Snapchat premium price

how much does Snapchat premium cost?

There is no set Snapchat premium price or pricing model. Snapchat premium content creators can set a monthly fee — often around $10 to $30 — enabling people to access premium content, or even sell custom Snaps individually for whatever price they see fit.

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As a result of this unrestricted model, it could prove costly to be an avid Snapchat premium user. A benefit of the service might include gaining access to exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the life of a favorite content creator, which has a subjective worth depending on your fandom.

How much does Snapchat premium cost?

  • Content creators are free to set their own prices, which means fees vary.
  • Costs can be based on a monthly subscription.
    • The average monthly subscription fee is around $10 to $30.
  • Costs can be based on a Snap-by-Snap basis.
    • The average private Snap fee is quite pricey.

Although you might think it’d be cheaper to buy an individual Snap, that photograph or video will be created solely for you. Snaps for monthly subscribers cater to a wider audience and achieve more in a similar amount of time, which explains the higher cost for individualized content.

Hopefully, this guide has answered all your questions and stopped you from wondering “How much is Snapchat premium?” Although there’s no set price, you’ll probably find that some subscriptions and individual Snaps are more reasonably priced than others.