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Is the Escape from Tarkov Radar Hack fixed? (2020)

Hacks and cheaters in games are annoying at the best of times, but hackers and cheaters in Escape from Tarkov are particularly aggravating. While some hacks seem to continue on forever, a few do get fixed and patched out of the game, does this include the Escape from Tarkov radar hack? Read on to find out the answer to “is the Escape from Tarkov radar hack fixed?” Discover once and for all if the more-than-annoying radar hack has been fixed in the game in 2020 below.

Is the Escape from Tarkov Radar Hack fixed? (2020)

Escape from Tarkov radar hack

The radar hack in Escape from Tarkov should now be fixed and no longer working, in some regions, at least. It seems as though the previously undetectable radar hack has been eliminated following the game’s latest update. You should now no longer come across players using the radar hack in Escape from Tarkov. This means, of course, a more level playing field for everyone from now on.

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According to this Reddit thread, packet encryption has now gone live on some regional servers in Escape from Tarkov. The packet encryption should disable the publicly available radar hack. This is undeniably good news. The only unfortunate side-effect from the hack removal fix is that game performance has taken a bit of a hit because of the new packet encryption (according to this Reddit thread). A performance loss is worth it to remove the radar hack.

What is the Escape from Tarkov radar hack?

Before the update, which should have removed the radar hack, the hack was publicly available. With the hack, on a second PC screen, you could have the map open of the stage you’re currently on. The radar hack showed the player on a second PC screen where everyone and everything was on the map. This meant, of course, that you could see where everyone was on the map. You could, therefore, actively avoid opposition players or head towards them knowing exactly where they are. Thankfully, the hack appears to have been fixed and should no longer work.