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The Last of Us 2 Seattle Main Gate Code | How to open the Main Gate

When playing The Last of Us 2 you’ll have to access Seattle main gate in order to get Dina. This imposing gate bars access to the city and requires you to restore power to it and find a code to open it. This multi-step puzzle is your first big obstacle of the game, but we’ll tell you how to get through it in no time.

Here’s a brief summary of the steps needed to complete this puzzle:

  • Climb over the wall.
  • Grab the code sheet out of the desk drawer in the building.
  • Restore power to the button that opens the sliding gate.
  • Restore power to the building with the computer.
  • Enter the Seattle main gate code 0512 into the computer.

For details on how to accomplish these tasks, read on below.

How to restore power to the Seattle Main Gate in The Last of Us 2

Before you get to the main gate, you’ll need to get past the outer gate. To do so, head towards the holding cages and use the large sandbag to climb on top of them. Cross over to the top of the buildings with the tin roofs and look for a broken yellow ladder. Dina will boost Ellie up, and you can climb the ladder, which will take you to the top of the gate.

Once you reach the catwalk on top of the gate, you’ll need to leap across several chasms. You’ll make it to a section of catwalk that is blocked by some collapsed fencing. Here, you’ll need to duck under the catwalk to make it to the other side. After that, it’s just one more leap, and then you can climb over the crumbled wall to a catwalk on the other side of the gate. From here, make your way down to the courtyard below.

The Last of Us 2 Main Gate Plugin

Dina and the horse couldn’t take the same route as Ellie, so you still need to find a way to open the outer gate. To do so, you’ll need to restore power to it using the nearby generator. You’ll notice a button near a fence, but it doesn’t do anything right now. To get it working, you’ll need to find a way to supply electricity to the unit.

The Last of Us 2 Main Gate Codes

Bust through the window of the nearby building and head inside. Before you head further, check the drawer of the desk to the right of the whiteboard. Here you’ll find a list of codes you’ll need very shortly. Now, head out the back door of the building. In this small yard, you’ll see a generator. Start the generator, then unlock the door to the side of the building and grab the cord. You can plug it into the outlet next to the button on the fence. Now, hit the button, and the fence will slide open.

The Last of Us 2 Main Gate Plugin 2

Once you gain access to the rest of the area, Dina will call for you. Head over and talk to her. Now, go back to the cord you just plugged in and grab it again. Hold R2, toss the wire over the fence, and then pick it up on the other side. You’ll see a power outlet on the outside of a nearby building. Plug the cord into this outlet, and you’ll bring the computer inside back to life.

What is the code for the Seattle main gate in The Last of Us 2?

The Last of Us 2 Main Gate Code entry

If you enter the building, you just supplied with power; you’ll find a panel asking for a passcode. Luckily, you already have the info you need. Open your backpack and check the “Checkpoint Gate Codes” document you found in the other building. As you can see right at the top of the list, the code for the Main Gate is 0512.

Enter 0512 into the panel, and the main gate will open. This allows Dina and your trusty horse to enter the area, and you can now move on to your next challenge. Before you head out, though, make sure you comb the area. Several items and documents are lying about you won’t want to miss.