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Valorant Ranked Play | How to unlock ranked competitive

Ready to show off your competitive shooter skills? Then you’re probably wondering how to unlock ranked play in Valorant. Like with other competitive FPS games on the market, Valorant ranked competitive play can’t be selected until the mode itself has been unlocked. Fortunately, unlocking ranked play is a relatively simple affair.

How to unlock ranked competitive play in Valorant

valorant how unlock ranked competitive play

To unlock Valorant ranked competitive play, you need to complete a total of 20 unranked matches. You won’t need to worry about winning or losing; just complete 20 matches to unlock ranked multiplayer. After that, you can begin climbing the competitive later and increasing your own rank.

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For what it’s worth, the method needed to unlock ranked play hasn’t changed since the beta. Similarly, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose these first 20 matches — that’s the point of being unranked, after all. It’s only after you unlock ranked competitive that you’ll be able to start moving up the ladder.

Of course, there’s another trial period after the 20 unranked matches. The first five matches you play after unlocking ranked competitive will determine your competitive placement. Most players will probably wind up being placed in the lower ranks, like Iron or Bronze. More experienced players will be able to place in higher ranks, such as Silver or Gold.

Once established, you’ll be able to fight your way all the way to the top rank of Radiant. It’s going to be a long climb, though: There are 20 different tiers between Iron 1 and Radiant, each broken into separate categories. These ranked tiers include Iron, bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Immortal, with each having three distinct levels.

If you want to unlock ranked competitive play in Valorant, you only need to complete 20 unranked matches. After that, you’ll be put into five placement matches to determine your starting competitive rank.