Sacred 3 PS3 Cheats


Arts Training - Use your Combat Arts 80 times in N'Aquali during a single playthrough - Bronze

Ashen to Ashes (secret) - Defeat Zane - Bronze

Bodyguard - Interrupt five enemies while they are targeting other players - Bronze

Cool as Ice (secret) - Complete Enigmar Fortress with the Khukuri - Bronze

Couch Party - Complete a main mission in local co-op mode - Bronze

Ding! - Get a level up - Bronze

Experienced - Reach level 30 with any character - Silver

Girls' Night Out (secret) - Complete a mission with four female characters in online co-op mode - Bronze

Group Hug - Kill 8 Grimmoc-sized enemies with one attack - Silver

In the Blink of an Eye - Defeat something big with only one hit using a smart bomb - Silver

Journey's End - Complete all Rank 2 missions - Bronze

Judge, Jury, Executioner - Execute 5 enemies in a row - Silver

Leading by Example - Complete a main mission as the top scorer in a game with three other players - Silver

Master of Ancaria - Collect all the other trophies to unlock - Platinum

Medic! - Revive every other player in a single mission with three other players - Bronze

Multi Culti - Complete a mission with four characters from different cultures in co-op mode - Bronze

On the Line - Complete a main mission with three other players - Bronze

One For All - Use your Battle Prayer 10 times - Bronze

Online Master - Complete all main missions with three other players - Bronze

Overprepared - Unlock all item upgrades - Gold

Party Like It's 1999 - Complete all main missions in local co-op mode - Silver

Perfectionist - Max out all cultures' Combat Arts, Skills, and Equipment trees - Silver

Regular - Reach level 10 with any character - Bronze

Sacred Ancaria - Complete all main missions on Legend difficulty - Silver

Sacred Savior - Complete all main missions on Deity difficulty - Gold

Sea Dog (secret) - Complete Vorios with the Safiri - Bronze

Skilled Culture - Max out any culture's Combat Arts, Skills, and Equipment trees - Bronze

Sophia's Blood (secret) - Complete Icecreek Sanctuary with the Seraphim - Bronze

Speak No Evil - Stop the Unspeakable Evil - Bronze

Tap Water (secret) - Complete Khorad Basin with the Well purity at 70% or greater - Bronze

Tons of Damage - Achieve the highest multiplier in a damage run - Bronze

Too Close - Die from an explosive destructible - Bronze

Untrollable - Kill a Troll without getting hit by it in single player mode - Silver

Veteran - Reach level 50 with any character - Gold

Vive la RĂ©sistance (secret) - Complete Greyveil with the Ancarian - Bronze

Welcome to Ancaria - Complete the Rank 1 mission - Bronze

Who You Gonna Call? - Break the shields of all ghostly orbs and destroy them in a single phase - Gold

Zane's Bane (secret) - Defeat the final form of Zane within 30 seconds - Silver