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How to get The Oceanographer HDR in Call of Duty: Warzone

Is the world of Call of Duty: Warzone a bit too dull or monochromatic for your tastes? Perhaps you’d be interested in a gun with a pop of color — something like The Oceanographer HDR. This sniper rifle commands attention both for its pastel color scheme and for its rarity. Here’s how to get The Oceanographer in Call of Duty: Warzone.

COD: Warzone | How to get The Oceanographer HDR

how to get the oceanographer hdr call of duty warzone

The only way to get The Oceanographer HDR in Call of Duty: Warzone is to purchase the weapon’s blueprint. The Oceanographer is one of four different items offered in the Tacticolor II bundle in the Call of Duty Store, priced at 1400 COD Points.

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Yes, you’ll have to pay to get this pastel-hued HDR. But if you’re in it for the looks, good news: The Tacticolor II bundle is all about that pastel theme. Aside from the HDR blueprint, the pack also includes the Pastel Death Origin 12 shotgun blueprint, the Spark Farkles unicorn charm, and the Magic Powers calling card.

Thankfully, The Oceanographer is a powerful weapon in its own right. It’s an HDR sniper rifle decked out with either a 26″ or 26.9″ barrel, FTAC Stalker-Scout stock, and variable zoom scope. Highly accurate and easily controlled, the HDR is perfect for taking down enemies at range. When paired with the Origin 12 (or a weapon with good mid-range capabilities like the MP5), skilled Warzone players will be equipped to deal with just about any threat they’ll encounter.

The only catch is that The Oceanographer seems to occasionally disappear from the Call of Duty Store. Many players can’t seem to find the Tacticolor II bundle, making the Oceanographer HDR that much more of a rarity. If you see it available for purchase, you’d be wise to pick it up quickly; there’s no telling when it may become available again.