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FFXIV Dragon Quest Crossover Event 2020 | Start and End Dates

The elusive Dragon Quest crossover event is making its way back into Final Fantasy XIV. That’s right, after nearly three years of waiting, the Breaking Brick Mountains seasonal event is finally making its return. For a limited time, FFXIV players will be able to complete a new Dragon Quest-themed quest and earn a few exclusive items. Here’s a look at the start and end dates for the latest 2020 FFXIV Dragon Quest crossover event.

FFXIV Dragon Quest Crossover Event Dates | Breaking Brick Mountains 2020

FFXIV dragon quest crossover event 2020 start end dates times

The Final Fantasy XIV Dragon Quest crossover event is set to begin on July 2 and run all the way through July 27. That gives FFXIV players just over three weeks to check out the Breaking Brick Mountains 2020 quest and earn each of the event’s exclusive rewards.

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Limited though the event may be, it’s not exactly short. Here’s the exact schedule for the FFXIV Breaking Brick Mountains 2020 Dragon Quest crossover event:

  • Start time: Thursday, July 2 at 1 a.m. PDT
  • End time: Monday, July 27 at 7:59 a.m. PDT

In case you missed it previously, the FFXIV Dragon Quest crossover event is focused around golems. These ancient entities were once common sights within the realm, but the secrets of their creation has since been lost. However, their recent reappearance tasks players with tracking down their origins in the service of Amajina & Sons. To start the quest, players will need to talk to Havak Alvak of the Mythril Eye.

There are three specific items that will be available exclusively during this limited-time event: The Thug’s Mug headgear, the King Slime Crown, and the Wind-up Brickman minion. The King Slime Crown will be available for purchase, specifically through Toughie in Ul’Dah. The other two must be earned by completing the crossover quest itself.

It’s worth mentioning that the 2020 FFXIV Dragon Quest event is identical to the ones held in previous years — the first in 2014 and the second in 2017. As such, players who have already completed the quest won’t be able to do so again. Fortunately, players who started playing Final Fantasy XIV in the last three or so years will finally get a chance to earn the event’s exclusive golem minion.