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How to catch the vampire squid in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons vampire squid appears in the sea while you’re swimming, with this rare sea creature being available to catch in the Nintendo Switch game’s new update. But how do you catch the vampire squid in Animal Crossing? And what time and month does the vampire squid appear?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons | How to catch the vampire squid

In order to catch the vampire squid in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll need to purchase a dive suit from Nook’s Cranny and begin diving in the sea.

To catch sea creatures, you press Y to dive while swimming. If you’re lucky, one of the sea creatures that you’ll catch will be the elusive vampire squid, though it only appears during set times at each day, and only during certain months.

animal crossing new horizons vampire squid

Vampire squid shadow size

The vampire squid’s shadow is described as huge and very fast. It is the creature’s first appearance in an Animal Crossing game, so it isn’t comparable with any of the shadows from New Leaf‘s own diving feature.

Vampire squid time and month

The vampire squid time and month determines when the sea creature will appear on your island, depending on which hemisphere you’re playing in.

Here are the times and dates you’ll be able to catch it:

  • Time: 4 PM–9 AM
  • Month: May-August (Northern hemisphere) and November-February (Southern hemisphere)

If you’re hunting for the vampire squid outside of these times and months, then you won’t be in luck. Of course, time travel is always a (controversial) option, with you able to turn your Switch’s internal clock backward/forward in order to make sure you’re diving while the vampire squid is available to catch. Just make sure you don’t have any turnips to sell, as these will go rotten if you time travel further than a week into the past or future.

The vampire squid can be handed over to Blathers in the museum, and it can also be sold to Nook’s Cranny for a sum of Bells.