AMD Ryzen 7 3700XT Release Date | Is there going to be a new 3700?

AMD has launched a whole range of “XT” processors, which offer better clock speeds than their non-XT counterparts. However, at the time of writing, there isn’t yet a 3700XT variant. Here’s what you need to know about a potential AMD Ryzen 7 3700XT release date.

Is there an AMD Ryzen 7 3700XT release date?

AMD Ryzen 7 3700XT Release Date

No, there isn’t yet an AMD Ryzen 7 3700XT release date.

At the time of writing, AMD hasn’t made any mention of a 3700XT CPU. With the 3600XT, 3800XT, and 3900XT all having already been revealed, it’s expected that these will be the only XT variants. This means that the 3700X will likely remain the highest clocked version of the processor.

If you’re on the fence about making the jump and purchasing a 3700X, with the fear of a 3700XT being right around the corner, rest assured that an XT release is now unlikely, what with AMD having revealed the other CPUs in the XT lineup.

With AMD’s 4000 series CPUs rumored to be launching later this year, it’s unlikely that we’ll see another series of XT processors launch, meaning there’s a low chance of us seeing a 3700XT at this point.

Of course, it’s still within the realm of possibility that AMD will surprise us all with a 3700XT variant. However, with the XT processors only offering an additional boost in clock speed, the difference isn’t game-changing. If you own or purchase an “X” instead of an “XT,” it’s really not that big of a deal.

If you’re thinking about holding out for a 3700XT variant, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Settling for the standard 3700X, or going for cheaper 3600XT or more expensive 3800XT, or waiting for 4th generation, are the choices you should be focusing on.

Stay tuned for more information about AMD’s upcoming CPUs, as well as news on other XT processors.