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Apex Legends No Servers Found Error Fix

Apex Legends players sometimes experience errors that prevent them from playing the game. The no servers found error is one such issue, and it’s been a problem for a few years now. If Apex Legends says no servers found, here’s what you need to do to fix the issue.

Apex Legends | No servers found error

apex legends no servers found error fix

The Apex Legends no servers found error appears when the game software can’t connect to game servers. It’s a problem of connectivity, typically appearing during times of scheduled maintenance. The best fix is to wait until servers are back online, though it may be worth double checking your own internet connection.

More often than not, when Apex Legends says no servers are found, it’s because the servers are down for maintenance. This is fairly common behavior, and the error is most often reported during scheduled downtime. If you suspect the servers are down, it’s worth stopping by the unofficial Apex Legends status website. When there’s a red bar at the top of the page, the game is experiencing server issues or downtime.

If Apex Legends servers are online, the no servers found error could be related to a problem with your local internet connection. Unfortunately, these types of issues are much harder to diagnose. You can find out if your internet connection is functioning properly by looking at your router or modem. Alternatively, you can try to browse the web on a separate console or PC. Connection issues vary between devices, so it’s up to you to make sure your internet is actually working. If it’s not, you’ll obviously be unable to connect to Apex Legends servers.

The no servers found error in Apex Legends appears when your game software can’t connect to servers. Maybe servers or down, or maybe your internet connection is being spotty. Assuming things were working fine before, the only real fix is to wait until servers are back up and running again.