Box art - Alien Creeps TD

Alien Creeps TD iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Drag and tap from the tesla tower to the group of creeps.

A hero from Kontiki Base is on his way!

You can manage your heroes to kill enemies. You can likewise make gold with every enemy eliminated from heroes.

Gold coins can purchase new towers, devices and equipment.

Use gems to put study into overdrive

Equip your heroes with equipment to enhance it's protective and offending abilities.

Call a wave early to make perk materials

Call an ally to the chosen ground and help you in eliminating close-by enemies.

Call an airstrike to strike the chosen ground and damage the enemies.

If your Tesla Tower is out of energy just immediately fill up by investing gems.

You can use the energy from dead aliens to develop even more towers.

Construct an infranty tower to slow them down!

A rocket tower will certainly take outr bigger groups of enemies.

Projectile weapons will not do much damage versus it if the enemy has a shield.

Develop a laser tower to a protected eneny to cut right with it.

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