Box art - Destroy All Humans! Remake

Destroy All Humans Co-op | Can you play multiplayer?

Is there Destroy All Humans co-op? It’s a question worth asking since the 2005 original didn’t have the feature yet its 2006 sequel did include split-screen cooperative play. So does this 2020 remake have a cooperative multiplayer mode? Or does it stay true to the original and remain a strictly solitary experience on PS4, Xbox One, and PC?

Destroy All Humans Co-op | Can you play multiplayer?

Destroy All Humans Co-op | Can you play cooperatively?

Destroy All Humans does not have multiplayer of any kind. There is no way to play co-op or competitive multiplayer in this new 2020 remake. You’re going to have to play this game by yourself like it was originally intended.

Every entry after the first game had multiplayer of some kind. The 2006 sequel had co-op in it. The poorly received Big Willy Unleashed had co-op and competitive play. And the similarly panned Path of the Furon had multiplayer that had mostly competitive modes with one co-op mode thrown in. It’s peculiar that this remake doesn’t have co-op but it is somewhat expected since the game did not originally have any sort of co-op in the first place. It may have a bunch of new shiny visuals and gameplay changes, but multiplayer was not one of those aspects that got any attention.

Developer Black Forest Games has not made any statement about adding in any sort of multiplayer. It is very unlikely, given the scope of this game and the lack of it in the original, so don’t expect some sort of patch or DLC that adds it. The studio hasn’t talked about remaking the other Destroy All Humans games either, which would be a better bet for those hoping to have Destroy All Humans co-op sometime in the future. It’s unclear what THQ is going to do with the franchise, be it remaking a lot of the old games or going ahead with a modern sequel or reboot.