Tales of Xillia 2 PS3 Cheats

General Tips
  • Perform link artes often. Teamwork is key to victory in Tales of Xillia 2, so pair up with a party member and work in tandem with them.
  • When Ludger gains access to multiple weapons, be sure to mix up attacks for combos. In addition, some enemies are weak to particular weapon types, so pay attention to that as well.
  • Anaylize enemies to find their elemental weaknesses. Mashing the attack button work in the early game, but eventually you have to play more strategically.
  • Don't hold on to a lot of money or you'll constantly be hounded by Nova to pay off your debt. Stay up to date with equipment and go out of your way to make extra debt payments before she contacts you.
  • Take on a lot of jobs (side quests). They allow you to pay off your debt quicker and provide a nice chunk of experience. Look out for jobs that you can turn in immediately too.
  • When presented with dialogue options, always try to please your party member to boost your affinity with them.
Guides Trophies

Trophy Description Type
Alvin, My Blood Brother You and Alvin officially have a real bromance going on. Now you could have a clandestine man-to-man chat together anytime. Bronze
Battle General Only those who have received several "Beginner" titles are worthy. The first step to complete mastery. Bronze
Battle God You've obtained all of the "Beginner" and "Advanced" titles. You're shining so bright, I think I need shades! Gold
Battle Lord A true master who has obtained most of the "Advanced" titles. People like you are one in a million! Silver
Beyond Judgment Intentions are passed down and continue into the future. Live with no regrets. Gold
Binding Queen Stand in front of her and you'll be bound. Stand behind her and you'll be bound. There's really no escape. Bronze
Blood Brothers This is the ultimate destination for two brothers. With so little time left, may they find peace. Bronze
Chromatist A title given only to the strongest of all chromatus bearers. If someone manages to defeat that bearer, the title is passed on. Bronze
Chromatus Control Proof of one who has sealed away their chromatus abilities. Now that's willpower! Silver
Codependency Hey, living through others is still living, right? Be proud of yourself! But not TOO proud. Silver
Combo Virtuoso You've executed a max combo of impressive proportions! Enemies lives must flash before their eyes when you face them! Bronze
Dimension Destroyer You've destroyed your first fractured dimension. But hey, you had to, right? Bronze
Doppelganger Ludger has now used his Mirror ability countless times. No one even remembers if there was an original in the first place! Bronze
Elite Annihilator You've clearly defeated an elite amount of elite monsters. You must be VIP at this point! Bet you can get into any club. Bronze
Enemy Sage Proof that you've registered enough monsters in your list. With this much, you could call it a encyclopedia! Wow! Bronze
Eternal Conquest with Gaius You and Gaius have formed a kingly friendship. You may find yourself sitting on the throne in his place sometimes! Bronze
Expert Breaker "Breaker": It means one who breaks things. All kinds of things. Including your face. Don't even think about it! Bronze
Forever Besties Your affinity with all party members has greatly deepened. Now you run around hugging them all the time! Chill out! Silver
Forever Elize Your kinship with Elize is now supremely awesome. She may now come to you with deep questions about life itself. Bronze
Fortissimo The crescendo of Rowen's Arte Tuning has finished it's apex. The crowd cheers endlessly for an encore! Bronze
Gaius Fury Gaius has used the Retribution ability quite a number of times. A moment of silence for the fallen. Bronze
Gambler Like gambling so much you'd even gamble with your life? Then you, sir or madam, are a true gambler. Silver
Item Fanatic Proof that you've registered enough items in your list. Is there anything left to find?! Bronze
Leia the Ultimate Your level of intimacy with Leia is now impeccable. It's so strong that you think you might actually BE Leia! Bronze
Life Giver Restoring is the name of the game. Who needs healing when you have Jude? Bronze
Limousine Muzét has transported quite a bit with her Support Warp. Enemies don't even want to bother with you! Bronze
Lord of Links Proof that you've executed a set number of linked artes. You have paved the way for future would-be linked arte users. Bronze
Lord of Xillia 2 The mark of complete Xillia 2 mastery. Thanks for playing! Platinum
Lovin' with Muzet You and Muzét are such good friends now! If she ever asks you for a favor, you can't refuse! Wait, is that good? Bronze
Ludger Transformation Spree Ludger's transformed enough times to earn his own TV show. It plays all day every day on every channel. That's a lotta Ludger! Bronze
Master of Chains Proof of an awe-inspiring amount of linked arte chains! You could teach a college level course on it if you had to! Bronze
MAXwell Milla has performed a great number of Spirit Shifts. Almost makes you question if she fights with anything else. Bronze
Milla Resonance You and Milla, clearly, have a special bond that cannot be broken. Just saying her name out loud makes it feel like she's with you. Bronze
Monster Annihilator Proof that you've encountered a set number of enemies! You must be superhuman at this rate! Monsters must fear you! Bronze
Notorious Bandit Clearly there's nothing Leia won't steal. Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands! Bronze
Perfect Body Your level of tenacity is greater than any words can describe. You're brilliant, and everyone knows it! Silver
Power Savior Gaius' defense is like an impenetrable fortress! It's like he's invincible even in his sleep! Bronze
Rowen Army You and Rowen are truly distinguished chums at this point. There's nothing a refined beard won't overcome! Bronze
Snap Pivot Urban Legend Jude has executed a great number of Snap Pivots. People are starting to think he's not even real! Bronze
Soul Siphon Teepo's drained quite a number of enemies. You can hear the cries of many echoing in the distance. Bronze
Spirit Protector If you can guard this well, then forget spirit artes! That's what your foes will say, anyways. Bronze
Staff of Indignation Leia has really extended her use of the Elongating Staff! You'd think that it was made of taffy or something! Bronze
Super Charged Now Alvin has Charged so much he can't stop! It's like he's frozen in a perpetual state of Charging! Bronze
Teepo Embodied Elize has Teepo Switched to great proportions! You'd think it was her day job or something! Work it, sister! Bronze
The Cat's Pajamas You've completed your item list for each area in Kitty Dispatch! You're the cat's pajamas now! Bronze
The Fatalist Will the same destiny befall you once again? That depends on your own choices. Silver
The Strongest You've attained the highest possible level you can! What are you going to accomplish next? Gold
Warp Goddess Muzét's Emergency Warp has now been perfected. It's the stuff of legends. Now you see her, now you don't! Bronze

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