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Destroy All Humans | How to destroy a building with a Majestic agent

Figuring out how to destroy a building with a Majestic agent in Destroy All Humans is one of those optional objectives that is harder said than done. But it is possible. The trick is knowing how to do it. And you’ll have to in order to get the Mandatory Option trophy or achievement.

Destroy All Humans | How to destroy a building with a Majestic agent

Destroy All Humans | How to destroy a building with a Majestic agent

You get this optional objective in the ninth mission (South by Southwest) where you have to destroy a lot of Santa Modesta in your saucer. But instead of using your death ray, you have to use a human to destroy a building. So how do you do it?

You’re going to have to use your tractor beam in order to do so, which is on R1 on PS4 and RB on Xbox One. From there, you’re going to have to find one of the marked buildings on your map. This does not work for the unmarked buildings so be absolutely sure to go to a building with a beam coming out of it.

Soften up a certain building with your death ray first. Use that beam for a few seconds. Don’t use it for too long because you’ll destroy the building.

Now, after you’ve done a bit of damage to your desired building, go find a Majestic agent. These are the government Men in Black-like agents dressed in — you guessed it — black. Pick one up in your tractor beam. You can tell if it is them by their voice. It may be hard to find these agents at some point so be sure to not grab a cop or soldier.

Once you’ve got a weakened building and Majestic agent in your tractor beam, aim at the building and release the R1 or RB to fling the agent into it. Keep doing that until the building explodes and the optional objective checks off. The agent may disappear after a few flings so track down another agent if that happens. It may take a few tries so don’t wait until the last building. Be sure to keep an eye on your health (shooting down the anti-air turrets helps, too).

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